Epidemiology is the study of the determinants of health, the science of analyzing health states within a population. The root word is "epidemic" and not "epidermis", which means that Epidemiology has nothing to do with skin. (That is, unless one happens to be a dermatological epidemiologist; but that's another story.)

Raywat Deonandan holds a Ph.D. in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada, as well as three other advanced science degrees from the University of Toronto.

Deonandan has worked in the USA and Canada and has consulted on projects based in Guyana, India, Trinidad and Sri Lanka. While his doctoral thesis focused on issues relating to in vitro fertilization and other reproductive technologies, Deonandan's fields of expertise presently include HIV/AIDS, health services research, musculoskeletal disease, neurological disease, mental health, biotechnology and diabetes.


With six years of post-doctoral experience, Dr. Deonandan consults to clients in business, academia, media and government. He provides services in:

  • study design
  • data analysis
  • data interpretation
  • policy analysis
  • communication
  • report writing
  • grant writing
  • speech writing
  • curriculum design
  • program evaluation
  • training workshops

Should you require epidemiological services, please browse Dr. Deonandan's curriculum vitae and contact him at the indicated email address.

If you are a non-profit agency in Ontario providing counseling, education or mental health service to children or youth, please contact the Centre of Excellence for Child & Youth Mental Health for free consulting services. (Please note that Deonandan.com is in no way affiliated with the Centre of Excellence.)


Dr. Deonandan is an accomplished, experienced and entertaining public speaker. For non-profit events, no fee is charged. Topics include:

  • the global burden of HIV/AIDS
  • the challenges to global health
  • the art of creative writing
  • basic research design
  • thinking critically about medical and social research

Please contact Dr. Deonandan through the email address on his curriculum vitae if you are considering using his speaking services.